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Welded pipe industry of the rapid development

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With the rapid development of my country's iron and steel industry, the welded pipe industry using steel strip products as raw materials has also developed rapidly. The substantial increase in the output of welded pipes in my country is based on the rapid increase in the number of welded pipe units. Since the beginning of the 21st century, this model of relying solely on quantity growth has been severely restricted by the market, and it is imperative to change this growth mode. We should speed up technological progress and start to transform this growth pattern from the aspects of energy saving and consumption reduction, development of high value-added ERW welded pipe products, strengthening of the technological transformation of spiral submerged arc welded pipe production lines, and moderately increasing the production capacity of high-level longitudinal submerged arc welded pipes. With the advent of the climax of the construction of my country's West-East Gas Pipeline and other pipeline construction, we should seize the opportunity to improve the level of welded pipe technology and equipment, and promote the sound and rapid development of my country's welded pipe industry.

1.The rapid development of my country's welded pipe industryLarge diameter welded steel pipe manufacturers

After entering the 21st century, my country's welded pipe output has shown a rapid growth trend, and the increase rate is significantly higher than before 2000. In 2001, my country's annual output of welded pipes surpassed Japan, and has now ranked first in the world. Although the statistics of the annual output growth of welded pipes are amazing, some experts believe that compared with the output of steel strips, the statistical output of welded pipes in my country is relatively low, which cannot reflect the actual production situation of welded pipes. For example, my country's narrow strip steel and medium steel are mainly used for the production of welded pipes. In 2006, the output of wide-band steel reached 3,600×104 t, while the total output of welded pipe was only 2,000×104 t. The two cannot be balanced.

 2. Accelerate technological progress and transform growth patterns

   In order to implement the iron and steel industry policy of the National Development and Reform Commission, and to realize the fundamental transformation of the steel pipe industry from a big steel pipe country to a steel pipe strong country along the path of new industrialization, the Steel Pipe Branch of the China Steel Structure Association held a "Steel Pipe Industry Strategic Development Seminar" in Beijing in June 2005. . The meeting pointed out that "my country's current steel pipe production capacity has exceeded market demand and has become one of the world's largest steel pipe exporters. The pursuit of a development method that mainly meets market demand in quantity has become history. Important work schedule for the industry.” This conclusion is of great significance to the future development of the welded pipe industry. Under the guidance of national macroeconomic policies, the welded pipe industry in my country should accelerate technological progress and change its growth pattern.

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