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Welded Steel Pipe for Oil Transportation
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Welded Steel Pipe for Oil Transportation

1.Uniform wall thickness
2.High roundness accuracy
3.Three-layer welding to ensure excellent weld performance
4.Good insulation performance
5.Strong waterproof ability
6.High impact resistance under low temperature conditions to be directly buried in frozen ground
7.30-50 years service life

China Welded Steel Pipe for Oil Transportation supplier - GK

Welded Steel Pipe for Oil TransportationOil pipelines (also called pipelines and piping) are composed of oil pipes and their accessories, and are equipped with corresponding oil pump units according to the needs of the process. They are designed and installed into a complete pipeline system for completing the loading and unloading of oil and the transfer task. Oil pipeline system, that is, a pipeline system used to transport petroleum and petroleum products, is mainly composed of oil pipelines, oil stations and other auxiliary related equipment. It is one of the major equipment in the oil storage and operation industry, and it is also the main oil and petroleum product. Conveying equipment, compared with railway and highway oil transportation, which are also land transportation methods, pipeline oil transportation has the characteristics of large volume, good airtightness, low cost and high safety factor. Pipes for oil pipelines are generally steel pipes. Welding and flanges are used to connect long-distance pipes, and valves are used for opening and closing control and flow adjustment. Oil pipelines mainly include isothermal transportation, heating transportation and sequential transportation. Corrosion of pipelines and how to prevent them are one of the important links in pipeline maintenance. At present, oil pipelines have become one of the main oil transportation tools, and they still have considerable development potential in the future.

Specifically, weld oil steel pipe has five characteristics: 

1, The general diameter of the pipeline is less than or equal to Φ 900mm; 

2, The strength level of the black steel braided fuel line is between X56 and X65; 

3, Steel W (C) ≤0.1%, W (Mn) ≤0.015%;

4, Pearlite + ferrite matrix is used as the micro-matrix.

File Contain

1. Composition and Mechanical properties of commonly used carbon steel alloy steel.

2. Seemless steel pipe, welded pipe, etc.

3. A series international universal series, domestic series.

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