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Welded Steel Pipe's Development and Technology

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With the development of China gas resources and the progress of foreign gas introduction, the amount of LSAW steel pipes as the main pipe for high-pressure gas transportation will increase significantly: the development of China marine oil and gas resources will demand for LSAW pipes for submarine pipelines Is also growing. However, China current LSAW unit production capacity has been quite large. The question now is not whether my country can produce LSAW pipes, but what standard steel pipes can be produced. Therefore, the next step should be to stabilize and improve the quality of steel pipes. Continue to improve and perfect the non-destructive testing equipment and technology; develop high-toughness flux and welding wire suitable for the large heat input of LSAW pipes; establish and improve the computer quality information system. Newly-built units should continue to research and improve the technology, such as real-time detection during steel plate deformation, research on deformation laws and optimization of mathematical equations. Some units should be modified for some process technology equipment that does not meet the new transport steel pipe standards (such as ISO3183-3), such as the configuration and modification of pre-welding and mechanical expansion equipment.

The development progress of wide and thick plates for large-diameter longitudinally welded pipes in my country is relatively backward, and the varieties, specifications and quantities are far from meeting the requirements for the localization of large-diameter longitudinally welded pipes. Cold areas, acid-resistant media, pipes for submarine pipelines, and pipes for offshore platform structures are the application areas of LSAW pipes and should also be researched and developed. All of these require the cooperation and support of the localization of pipeline steel wide and heavy plates. The pipe mills and steel mills should work closely together to tackle key problems and surpass the advanced foreign level.

Since the 1970s, due to the development of the production of longitudinally welded pipes, spiral welded pipes have basically not been used in foreign oil and gas pipelines.So far, spiral welded pipes are still the main pipes for pipelines, but in special areas of pipelines, such as some industrial and densely populated areas, rivers and railways, and seismic sensitive areas, imported large longitudinal welded pipes have been used. Large longitudinally welded pipes are the main choice of contemporary large and medium-sized transportation pipelines, especially for pipelines that require high reliability and high transmission pressure. Most of the pipelines containing corrosive media use this kind of steel pipe.

With the development of the national economy, China energy demand has increased sharply. As far as China current oil and gas production is concerned, it is far from meeting the growing needs of the national economy and people's living standards. In the next ten years or even decades, It is very possible to develop large-scale long-distance oil and gas pipelines from the western region, and even import oil and gas resources from abroad, and it is imperative to develop large longitudinal welded pipe technology and construct large longitudinal welded pipe projects.

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