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Welding process of spiral steel pipe factory

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Spiral steel pipes belong to welded pipes, which refer to seamless steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded by electric welding after bending into a ring or a square with steel chains or thick steel plates.

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The ingredients selected for the welded pipe are thick steel plates or hot-rolled steel strips; they are classified according to the welding process.

Welding process classification: Spiral steel pipes can be divided into arc welding pipes, high-frequency or low-frequency resistance welding pipes, gas cutting pipes, spiral steel pipes, etc. according to different welding processes.

Electric welded steel pipe: used in crude oil drilling and machining industries.

Spiral steel pipe: can be used as water gas pipe, etc., large diameter spiral steel pipe is used for high pressure gas transportation, etc.; spiral steel pipe is used for gas transportation, precast piles, bridge piles, etc.

According to the welding posture, it can be divided into spiral steel pipe and spiral steel pipe straight seam welding. The production process is simple, the production is high efficiency, low cost, and the development trend is relatively fast.

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The compressive strength of spiral welding is generally higher than that of spiral steel pipes. A narrow blank can be used to produce large welded steel pipes, and the same total width of blanks can be used to produce different welded steel pipes. However, compared with spiral steel pipes of the same length, the welding length is increased by 30-100%, and the production rate is lower.

Therefore, most of the welded steel pipes with larger diameters use straight seam welding, and most of the large diameter welded pipes use spiral welding.

Spiral steel pipe is divided into two types: automatic arc welding seamless steel pipe and high-frequency welder seamless steel pipe.

Spiral seam automatic arc welding seamless steel pipes are divided into two categories: Class A pipe and Class B pipe according to the operating pressure of the material to be transported. Class A pipes are generally welded with general spiral steel tubes Q235, Q235F and general low alloy tool steel 16Mn, and Class B pipes are welded with stainless steel plates such as Q235, Q235F, Q195, etc.

As a fluid mechanics transportation pipe with low operating pressure, spiral seam high frequency welder, seamless steel pipe, spiral seam high frequency welder, seamless steel pipe, there is no consistent product implementation standard. Generally, stainless steel plates such as general spiral steel pipe Q235 and Q235F are used for production. 

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