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Welding quality assurance measures for galvanized steel pipes

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    Control from five aspects: human, material, machine, law and environment.

    ① The human factor is the focus of welding control. Therefore, before welding, a skilled welder with a welder certificate should be selected, and necessary technical training and clarification should be conducted. It is not allowed to change at will to ensure the relative stability of the welders who weld the pipeline.

    ② Control of welding consumables: ensure that the welding consumables purchased are from regular channels, with quality assurance certificates and certificates, and meet the process requirements; the recycling of welding rod heads is strictly controlled to ensure the flow direction and consumption; the welding consumables must be baked in strict accordance with the process and once The distribution does not exceed half a day's consumption.

    ③ Welding machine: The welding machine must ensure reliable performance and meet the process requirements; the welding machine must have a qualified current and voltmeter to ensure the correct implementation of the welding process. The welding cable should not be too long, and the welding parameters should be adjusted when it is longer.

    ④ Welding process method: to ensure the strict implementation of special operating methods for galvanized pipes, the welding process should be pre-welded bevel inspection, welding process parameters, operation method control, post-weld appearance quality inspection, and post-weld non-destructive testing should be added if necessary. Control the welding level and the amount of welding consumables for each pass.

    ⑤ Welding environment control: ensure that the temperature, humidity and wind speed during welding meet the process requirements.

    Hot-dip galvanized pipe welding adopts the correct welding process in the construction, and checks and accepts in strict accordance with the specifications. After the welding is completed, the anti-corrosion treatment (zinc-rich paint) of the weld should be done in time. It has a certain feasibility, can increase the construction speed and improve the firmness of the pipeline connection. Therefore, if the construction conditions permit, and the relevant protection and anti-corrosion measures are taken, the hot-dip galvanized pipe can be welded.

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