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What are the problems in the development of seamless steel pipes?

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Seamless steel pipes continue to develop during the entire development trend, and the total number of manufacturers and commodities continues to increase. Due to the large number of seamless steel pipe factories and the relatively large total output in the sales market, many problems have appeared during the entire development trend, among which quality problems and many drawbacks are more typical. In addition, the overproduction of seamless steel pipes is serious, and the development trend of the intermediate field is relatively limited, and the future will also face huge challenges. In the process of the whole development trend, the following problems are mainly encountered:

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(1) High-end products are still vacant, and low-end products have overcapacity.

In my country, the production of general-purpose seamless steel pipes for general main purposes has exceeded the overall demand of the sales market, and the production of seamless steel pipes has exceeded market demand, resulting in overcapacity; the sales market of welded steel pipes for medium and low-grade stainless steel engineering is in short supply; standardized industrial-grade welded steel pipes The production is not enough, especially high-standard industrial-grade tubes, such as the pressed stainless steel plate boiler tubes used in power plants, are vacant.

(2) The supply of super large commodities is in short supply, and the production capacity of basic steel products is overcapacity.

In China, the output of medium-diameter seamless steel pipes for general main purposes exceeds market demand; large-diameter, high-specified seamless steel pipes are in great demand in the sales market, and there is a large vacancy. For example, seamless steel pipes with super large specifications above 218mm must be imported and filled. For example, long pipes of 15m or more are rarely manufactured in China, and the basics are all imported.

(3) Few special seamless steel pipes are imported.

At present, very low carbon stainless steel plates such as 304L and 316L are widely used abroad. The quality of domestic urea solution grade and high-precision stainless steel plates is still difficult to guarantee; some special seamless steel pipes with high technical level and high quality requirements, such as power station boiler heat exchange pipes, organic fertilizer equipment urea solution pipes, and crude oil well pipes. , It also relies on imports; some duplex seamless steel pipes with excellent corrosion resistance are rarely produced in China, and market demand cannot be considered.

In order to better develop this development trend, my country's seamless steel pipe manufacturers need to continuously carry out quality assurance. For manufacturers, it is necessary to increase their imports, promote communication between manufacturers, strengthen technological improvement, and continuously increase market demand with quality and quantity.

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