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What is channel steel

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Channel steel is a long strip of steel with a groove-shaped cross-section. It is a carbon structural steel for construction and machinery. It is a section steel with a complex section and its cross-sectional shape is a groove. Channel steel is mainly used in building structure, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment and vehicle manufacturing.

China's channel steel imports are greater than its exports. The main producing areas are Jinan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Baotou Iron and Steel, Shanxi Iron and Steel, Huangte, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Xuanshan Iron and Steel, Japan Steel and other steel plants.

In use, it is required to have good welding, riveting performance and comprehensive mechanical properties. The raw material billets for channel steel are carbon steel or low-alloy steel billets with a carbon content of no more than 0.25%. The finished channel steel is delivered after hot forming, normalizing or hot rolling.

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Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of waist height (h) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d), such as 100*48*5.3, which means that the waist height is 100 mm, the leg width is 48 mm, and the waist thickness is 5.3 mm. Steel, or 10# channel steel. For channel steel with the same waist height, if there are several different leg widths and waist thicknesses, a b c should be added to the right of the model to distinguish them, such as 25#a 25#b 25#c, etc.

Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specification of hot rolled ordinary channel steel is 5-40#. The specifications of hot-rolled flexible channel steel supplied by agreement between the supply and demand parties are 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed panels, etc. Channel steel is often used in conjunction with I-beam.

Channel steel can be divided into 4 types according to its shape: cold-formed equal-side channel steel, cold-formed unequal-side channel steel, cold-formed inner-coiling channel steel, and cold-formed outer-coiling channel steel.

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