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What is the difference between butt welding flange and flat welding flange

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    The butt-welded flange is that the pipe diameter and wall thickness of the interface end are the same as the pipe to be welded, and it is welded just like two pipes.

    The flat welding flange is a concave platform that is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe at the interface, and the pipe is inserted into it for welding.

    Butt welding has better welding performance and less corrosion.

    Flat welding and butt welding are the welding methods when flanges and pipelines are connected. When flat welding flanges are welded, only one-sided welding is required. The internal ports of the welding pipeline and flange connections are not required. The welding installation of butt welding flanges requires flanges. Surface welding. Therefore, flat welding flanges are generally used for low and medium pressure pipelines, and butt welding flanges are used for the connection of medium and high pressure pipelines. Butt welding flanges are generally at least PN2.5MPa. Butt welding is used to reduce stress concentration. Butt welding flanges are mostly neck flanges, also called nipple flanges. Therefore, the installation cost, labor cost and auxiliary material cost of butt welding flange are higher because of one more process.

    Not all butt welding flanges need to be welded on both sides of the inside and outside. If there is no special requirement, it is usually only welded on the outside. Have you never seen a 1/2" butt welding flange:), flat welding is better. Ah, because the pipe and the flange are so perpendicular to each other, the pipe will not be inclined.


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