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What paint can't get off the galvanized steel pipe?

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The surface of the galvanized steel pipe is very smooth, and the base material will also rust during long-term use. In order to ensure the normal use of the galvanized pipe, painting can be used to better protect the metal.

However, for galvanized steel pipes, most paints have poor adhesion to the galvanized surface, and the paint film has poor adhesion to the smooth surface, and the problem of coating peeling is prone to occur. Then what paint is used for galvanized steel pipes? Okay?

2 sch 40 galvanized pipe- GKSTEELPIPE

ED1000 epoxy primer is a special paint for the surface of galvanized substrates. It has very good adhesion and excellent protection for galvanized pipes. The main features of this paint are:

1. Suitable for galvanized substrate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate and other smooth metals, with strong adhesion and strong coating film adhesion;

2. The surface treatment of the substrate is simple, no sandblasting, no sanding, and the construction can be done after the solvent is used to remove the oil stain, saving manpower and material resources;

3. The paint film has strong salt spray resistance, reaching 1000 hours, the coating is intact, and it has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance;

4. The paint does not contain heavy metals, is lead-free and chromium-free, conforms to EU solvent emission standards, and is suitable for exporting workpiece coating;

5. It can be matched with a variety of top paints, such as fluorocarbon paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, etc.

The surface oil must be removed before the galvanized steel pipe is painted. Using a solvent to wipe the surface of the substrate can effectively remove grease and oil and avoid affecting the adhesion. Apply ED1000 epoxy primer by spraying method, mix the primer and curing agent in a ratio of 9:1, add epoxy diluent, stir well, and paint to the specified film thickness. The recommended film thickness is 70μm. 

ED1000 epoxy primer has strong adhesion and excellent corrosion resistance, but poor weather resistance, especially for outdoor use. Weather-resistant topcoats are required. Commonly used topcoats such as fluorocarbon paint, acrylic polyurethane topcoat and acrylic topcoat. After the primer dries, apply the top coat and spray to the specified film thickness. The recommended film thickness is 50-60μm.

After the galvanized pipe is coated withprimer and topcoat, the coating film has excellent adhesion, anti-corrosion, decoration and weather resistance, and can be well protected in most environments.

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