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What you should know about flange 2

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What is the use of flanges?

    The flange is used for positioning. For example, there is an installation method of the oil cylinder called flange installation, that is, for example, four symmetrical holes are punched around a cuboid. There is a large hole in the middle and the outer diameter of the cylinder is the same. Put this cuboid on the cylinder and they can be welded between them. The way is fixed together, the connection between the cylinder and other things is through the four holes around the rectangular parallelepiped. This rectangular parallelepiped can be called a blue.

What is the difference between the connection method of the orifice flange and the ordinary flange?

    That is to fix the two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange respectively, add flange pads between the two flanges, and fasten them together with bolts to complete the connection. Orifice flange is the connection of the orifice plate (the measuring part of the orifice plate flowmeter) to the pipeline on the orifice plate flowmeter, and the two-sided flanges fix the orifice plate in the middle, and lead to the differential pressure through the pressure point on the flange On the transmitter, to measure the flow rate.

In order to ensure that the installed flange does not leak oil, what problems should be paid attention to during installation?

    1. The flange should have sufficient strength and not deform when tightened. The flange sealing surface should be flat and clean, and oil stains and rust spots should be carefully cleaned up during installation.

    2. The gasket should have good oil resistance and anti-aging properties, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The installation should select gaskets of different cross-sections and sizes according to the shape of the connection, and place them correctly.

    3. The tightening force of the flange should be uniform, and the compression of the rubber pad should be controlled at 1/3.


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