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What you should know about flange

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What is a loose flange, where is the loose flange used and what pipe fittings?

    The loose flange is the movable flange piece, which is generally matched with the water supply and drainage fittings (the most common on the expansion joint). When the factory leaves the factory, there is a flange at each end of the expansion joint, which is directly connected to the pipeline, The equipment is connected by bolts.best-Weld-neck-flange-stock-manufacturers-GKSTEELPIPE

How is the flange connected to the pipe and where is it welded?

    There are many types of flanges. Generally, flat flanges, butt welding flanges (long neck flanges), and loose flanges are used. Flat-welded flanges are used for medium and low pressure, using plug welding and welding on both sides. The welding depth is 2-5mm from the flange sealing surface. Butt-welding flanges can be butt-welded directly, and loose flange bolt connections do not need welding.

What does flange type mean?

    The flange is a link that connects the valve to the pipeline, that is, when the valve is connected to the pipeline, the connection is connected by bolts, so the two ends of the valve with N uniformly distributed bolt holes are flanged.

    1. Flange: Flange is the transliteration of flange, which means things and parts with flanges. This kind of parts can be separate, it is a flange, or a combined type, such as one or both ends of a pipe. Flange. There are several through holes on the flange to install screws. Some bearings have flanges on the outer ring. This flange can have holes or no holes and is only used for rib positioning.

    2. Flange type: The connection between the valve and the pipeline or machinery and equipment adopts a flange connection, which is generally called the flange type.

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