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Where can you buy the best elbow pipe online

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    The processing technology of the elbow has brought great help to our daily life, but there will be many problems in the use of the product, such as the defect of micro-cracks in the elbow, if the product exceeds a certain amount in the production process The product will be deformed at the horizontal deformation temperature.

    Micro-cracks appear on the outside of the bent pipe. There are two main situations for this situation, which may be related to the material of the bent steel pipe. The product has a certain low deformation speed and high tensile strength. Under similar forming conditions, the equipment will do everything under such conditions. Bending construction may cause damage.

    Each elbow is completed by several times of bending during the production process. During the production process, the steel pipe can be effectively placed on the pipe bender, so that the equipment will apply a bending moment to the steel pipe. Make proper deformation of the steel pipe layout.

    The elbow can move upward through the fulcrum of the main cylinder of the lower die at the front end, which will make the steel pipe bend and deform along the middle of the curve of the upper die until it is bent. The deformation of the steel pipe during the processing of the product mainly occurs in the upper die and the upper die. Play the role of a tire.

    The curve of the bent pipe can be effectively determined according to the critical value of plastic deformation of steel pipes of different specifications and different materials. In this way, different steel pipes correspond to different upper molds, and the inner tube of the product cannot be placed near the front clamp during the bending process. One side.

    It needs to be effectively placed on the side close to the lower mold bending cylinder. The rear of the bent tube inner tube exceeds the rear of the upper tire by about 150mm. At the same time, the lift of the bending cylinder should not be too large during the first three bends. The lift of the bending cylinder should gradually increase during the process.

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