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Where is the best elbow pipe factory

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    1. When the machine tool is started, be careful not to enter the swept range of the rotating arm.

    2. When the machine is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the rotating arm and pipe fittings!

    3. The hydraulic system of the machine tool adopts YA-N32 ordinary hydraulic oil (the original brand No. 20), which is replaced once a year under normal circumstances, and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time.

    4. When adjusting the machine tool (mold), the adjuster should press the button to adjust. Never make adjustments by one person on the machine and the other on the control cabinet.

    5. The core rod should be removed when adjusting the machine tool or driving an empty car.

    6.The pressure of the hydraulic system should not be greater than 14Mpa.

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