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Will galvanized steel pipe rust

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    Galvanized steel pipes can actually rust, but the galvanized layer is first oxidized to protect the steel pipe from rusting, and its service life is longer. The chromium-plated chromium layer will not react with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water in the air under natural conditions, and will not be corroded by weak acids and alkalis. Of course, its anti-rust effect is better. If the galvanized layer is thick enough, theoretically, it will not rust, because the surface of the steel pipe is wrapped by a layer of metallic zinc and isolated from the air, so the steel pipe will not rust. The problem is controversial. Let's look at the answers of galvanized steel pipe manufacturers.

    1. It will be a matter of time. Because galvanized steel pipe has a galvanized layer, it is better than ordinary welded steel pipe. It also has better strength, toughness, and other process properties. Its surface has gloss, making it more versatile , Applications include greenhouse construction, wire casing, water and gas transportation, etc. Generally speaking, the service life of galvanized steel pipe depends on the application field.

    2. As for whether the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe will rust, it will definitely rust, even stainless steel will rust, it is just a matter of the length of time, which is also related to the installation environment, if the environment is wet or exposed to rain for a long time , Slowly galvanized steel pipes will be oxidized, spots, and will be corroded and rusted. If you want a longer service life, keep it dry and try to choose indoor construction. In this way, the service life is about 5-10 years. Even longer (but not including some inferior products on the market).

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